Coaching and Consulting Strategies for Individual and Global Level Change


STRATEGIES, training and programs FOR SOCIAL INNOVATION and change

If you are looking to create positive change in your own life, in your business, in your organization or community then you are in the right place. 

Kamaji Tree is a Coaching and Consulting Practice that works with individuals, leaders, business owners, organizations and communities to create positive change in the lives of people and in the world. I work with:

  • Individuals who want to reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm, live more in their purpose and feel more fulfilled at home and at work. 
  • Leaders and change makers in business, government and private sector to be the best version of themselves so that they are in a better position to drive positive change in their businesses, organizations and communities and increase their contribution and impact in the world. 
  • Organizations and communities to develop and implement social change policies, strategies and programs.
  • Gender and Social Development Specialists and other change-agents who want to increase their impact

You have the ability to transform your life and the world around you into what you dream it can be....So let's get started today!

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Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Support for Individuals

Are you an individual seeking to to let go of anxiety, overwhelm, stress and struggle and find more peace and freedom? Are you struggling with relationships or money? Maybe you're trying to connect more to your purpose and direction. 

Are you ready to BE the LEADER of your life and make changes in your life so you can be more aligned to your purpose and direction and lead a much more fulfilling and purpose-driven life.

Let me support you to realize more of your own strength and potential to BE more and to DO more of what you came here to be and do.  You want to do bigger things with your life and experience more freedom. You want to express more of you. Being you should be easy! You have unlimited, divine potential already within you. Let me support you to reconnect to this!

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Coaching for business owners and organizational leaders

Are you a leader or change maker who is ready to take the next step and create your big change? Ready to let go of struggle, anxiety, resistance, and overwhelm and step into a way of BEING that allows you to create change in your business, organization, your community, your family and your life with more EASE and fun? Are you looking for business and leadership coaching  so you let go of anxiety and overwhelm and live more in your truth and purpose and increase the impact of your business or organization? 

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Coaching for Gender and Social Development Specialists,  International Development Professionals

Are you a Gender Specialist or International or Community Development Professional?  You know you are here to create great change in the world but you continue to bump up against struggle, resistance, overwhelm and stress in your work AND in other areas of your life.

  • Do you feel overwhelmed, anxious and over commited because you have trouble saying no and balancing all the things you want to achieve?
  • Are you passionate about promoting greater equality, or change but because of this you often try to do more and be more working harder and longer, sometimes at the expense of your most important relationships with your spouse and kids?
  • Do you feel like no matter how hard you work you can’t create the finances you desire to take your work and your life to the next level? 
  • Are you willing to let go of anxiety, struggle, confusion, resistance, backlash and overwhelm and step into a way of BEING that allows you to create positive change in your life, your work, and in your family with more ease and fun?

Are you ready to increase your impact and reduce stress, overwhelm and anxiety at the same time?

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Strategies and programs for social change


Are you a business, organization or community that needs support developing and implementing strategies for social innovation, economic development, and global change? 

  • Social Change Strategy and Policy Development and Analysis
  • Equity and Diversity Training
  • Gender equality and Unconscious Bias Training
  • Design and Delivery of Women's Leadership Programs
  • Social Policy and Program Evaluation and Review
  • Gender Lens Investing Strategies & technical advice
  • Social Impact Investing Strategies & technical advice
  • Organizational change strategies
  • Leadership strategies for social and economic innovation 

I've implemented this work all over the world and can support you with yours.

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About Kate

Kate Wilson is the founder of Kamaji Tree Consulting. Originally from Australia, Kate has spent the last 15 years consulting internationally as a Gender and Social Development Specialist working in partnerships with foreign governments, international organizations and private sector companies to create economic and social development. She has worked across Asia and the Pacific. Kate also has more than 10 years working as a Life Coach, and Business and Leadership Coach in Australia and the US. Kate’s vast experience working in remote communities and with high level global leaders has taught her that the ability to create great change exists within each and every one of us. She wholeheartedly believes that change begins within - by planting individual seeds. Kate is dedicated to helping leaders and change makers be the best version of themselves so that they are in a better position to drive positive change in their businesses, organizations and communities and increase their contribution and impact in the world. 

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Kate has a natural ability for compassion and understanding. She takes, what can seem like the most complex situations humans face, and help us turn inward to rediscover who we are and who we are meant to be. She helped me declutter areas of my life, that I had been attempting to do myself for many years. It kept stacking and I knew change was needed. Kate absolutely put me back on the right path within months and I now feel like a renewed person with her time, patience, knowledge and acceptance.
— Lindsay, AZ