Abundant Living

Are you ready to live abundantly, be prosperous and increase your impact on the world?


In a world where many of us feel like we are ‘never enough’, ‘there’s never enough time’, and ‘I didn’t get enough done’, or “I don’t have enough money’ we hustle to do more and be more. But does this constant hustle to do more get in the way of us creating prosperity, abundance and success and truly living the life we want?

Join me for this 8 week interactive abundance and prosperity experience where you will discover the real secret to creating balance, value, prosperity, abundance and success in all areas of your life. Take home practical tools to use on a daily basis that will transform the way you understand abundance in the way you live, love, parent and lead.


Email me Now to Join me for this 8 week Abundance Experience beginning October 30 2017.

This is for you if:

  • You feel like you never have time, money or energy…….

  • You are stuck in the constant hustle to feel good about yourself, your career/business and your life……

  • You tell yourself “I’ll be happier when…..I lose 10 pounds, make more money, have more free time or get 10 more clients….”

  • You feel like no matter how hard you work or how much money you have that you never have enough and you can never get ahead

  • You are constantly overwhelmed and worried about money

  • You simply always try to do more and be more - working harder and longer, sometimes at the expense of your most important relationships with your spouse and kids.

  • You feel like you have taken a lot of action, but it has not translated into abundance in your life, whether is health, finances or relationships

  • You are ready to experience more peace and more freedom in your finances, relationships, health, parenting or any other aspect of your life

  • You are moving through another UP LEVEL and you are ready to take a look at any patterns that continue to return around your worth, your value, your abundance and making an impact as YOU

The Details:

The groups starts on October 30 and will run for 8 weeks

Each day you will receive tips, strategies and practices to shift your Energetic Patterns and practical actions to increase your abundance and prosperity - so you can break through your upper limit and create your change in the world with more impact.

There will be a weekly lesson and group coaching call. You will also have access to a private Facebook group, with invitation to participate in daily and weekly exercises and practices. In the group you can ask questions, receive support and interact with other powerful men and women who are ready to create this next level of abundance, prosperity and EXPANSION in their business and in all areas of their life.

During our time together we will work with core Energetic Patterns related to LACK, LIMITATION, WORTHINESS and ABUNDANCE so the actions you are taking lead to more abundance and more prosperity.

You will learn some EASY practical action steps you can take to increase your abundance in all areas of your life – finances, relationships, health and career.

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  • (Complete purchase on or before October 23)

  • $111 if purchased after October 23

Email me to reserve your place and I will send you a link for payment

Kate Wilson

I uplift, empower and energize business owners, leaders and change makers to experience more of the fullness of who they truly are in order to transform the world.

I believe in making the world a better place by uplifting and empowering people to be their best and to live fulfilling and meaningful lives. We all have a unique gift and talent that we are here to share with the world but our limiting beliefs, thoughts programs and patterns can hold us back from creating consistent growth and success in our businesses/career, our relationships, our finances and our health and from truly living the life we want to live. I support business owners, leaders and change makers to get more connected and aligned with what they are truly here to do. I help them to break free from anxiety, stress, overwhelm and thoughts of lack and limitation fast so they can lead with confidence and truly feel fulfilled in all aspects of life. 





Kate Wilson is the founder of Kamaji Tree Consulting. Kate has more than 15 years of consulting internationally as a Gender and Social Development Specialist working in partnerships with Governments, international organizations and private sector companies across Asia and the Pacific to create economic and social development and 10 years working as a business and leadership coach. Kate wholeheartedly believes that change begins within - by planting individual seeds. Kate is dedicated to helping people be the best version of themselves so that they are in a better position to make their contribution in the world. Helping others to realize their full potential and to make a bigger and better impact on the world is Kate’s true passion.

She facilitates personal coaching to entrepreneurs and other leaders and change makers around the world so they can be more connected, balanced and integrated and more effective in driving positive change in their business and their communities. Learn more about how she supports leaders and change makers to create their success at www.kamajitree.com