Helping moms

Read on to see how I can help women through the most important stage of their lives - becoming, and being, a mom.

Peaceful Pregnancy and Calm Birth - doesn't everyone want this? This is a package I've designed for pregnant women. It's about releasing the anxiety and fear around childbirth. I can help keep you centred and calm throughout your pregnancy and childbirth. I can even teach you self-hypnosis techniques to assist you during childbirth.

Brand New Mammas: The transition to motherhood can be both joyful, and challenging. Becoming a mom changes everything. I know, I've been there. My Brand New Mammas package combines coaching, hypnotherapy and other nurturing techniques to help new moms make an empowering transition to motherhood.

Mammas: We are constantly transforming ourselves as moms to adapt to the new stages of our kids' development, and the challenges that everyday life brings. Just when we think we’ve got it, the kids go and change and it feels like square one again.

As moms we can have a tendency to put others' needs first, keep ourselves busy doing lots of things, and take on responsibilities we don’t really want. Many of us do this out of a sense of obligation and/or because it makes us feel good about ourselves and in control of our lives.

We may not realise it but these responsibilities can weigh us down and act as a distraction from connecting with our inner selves. Many of us are not 100% happy and don’t feel 100% free, yet we’re afraid of stepping outside the box because of what other people might think of us. My Mammas package will change all this for you - putting you in the driver's seat for your happiness, and that of your family.

Are you an expecting mom who's feeling anxious, or a super busy mom with not enough time in the day? Take a load off and find out how to slow down, put yourself first, and blossom.

Find out how a better mom makes a better family. Contact me for a free 30-minute consultation today.