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Fate brought Kate to me in a dire time of need although I had no idea I even needed her. I had just moved to AZ from SC with no family or friends and immediately separated from my husband after the move. I was with two children, no job, no support network. Kate was my next door neighbor and intuitively was drawn to me. She began initiating long walks in the neighborhood and coffee shop visits saturated with dialogue and self-reflection. Through our time together I was forced to see myself and accept myself, flaws and all. I recognized my self-destructive patterns and listened to my excuses.

Through Kate, I saw my value and potential as a person, a mother, and a professional. I learned to love my flaws and see their value. I found strength not continue the same patterns. Because of my new acceptance of myself, I gained power over my destiny. I am a better mother, I am a better friend, I am a better employee, I am a more powerful person. On a career level, my worth has been noticed and sought out by competitor companies and I am presently starting the job of my dreams in Los Angeles. Thank you Kate. Through your eyes, I saw myself and I am a pretty amazing person! – Deleigh C

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Amazing! Kate is a warm, open and kind hearted person full of wisdom. She makes you feel comfortable straight away and has a special way of helping and supporting you through any issues you may have. She has helped so much over the past years and would highly recommend her. – Rebecca F

Kate is insightful and perceptive, and is good at drawing out key issues that need further analysis. I've greatly benefited from her expertise, and she's helped me to work through difficult and stressful issues. I highly recommend Kate and her work. – Chakriya B

Kate has been a wonderful guest speaker for our women's networking group. Her passion for empowering women to overcome perceived obstacles as well as discover and value our own worth makes each presentation touching and powerful. Attendees are always able to walk away with small doable steps they can put into action immediately with the hope and encouragement they need to start making changes. - Melanie Connect Inspire Go Women's Network

Working with Kate has been a blessing. I have learned self-awareness and what practicing self-love looks like for me. Slowing down the pace in my life has given me the time and space to really look at myself honestly. Some discoveries about myself have been positive and others worth changing. Practicing compassion and forgiveness has been an essential part in healing and living a happier healthier life. Thank you Kate...
-Leti, Casa Grande, AZ

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Kate is a ‘star performer’ – she is extremely intelligent, highly analytical and very strategic. She has superior communication skills (verbal and written) and is very proactive, always finding opportunities to help ensure that women are able to realize their rights. Dr Anne Glover, Former Senior Development Specialist, Coffey International Development

Down to earth, practical initiatives that get results in terms of actually advancing gender issues is Kate’s hallmark…engaging and empowering in her management style. – Dr Geoff Elvy, former Director, Economic and Public Sector Program, Papua New Guinea

Kate is very conscientious and has a very high level of integrity. She can be trusted to preserve confidentiality and has a very strong sense of the ethics of development work. – Dr Juliet Hunt, Independent Consultant

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