Coaching for International Development Professionals

Are you an international development professional, gender specialist or change maker? You know you are here to create great change in the world but you continue to bump up against struggle, resistance, overwhelm and stress in your work AND in other areas of your life.

Perhaps you feel overwhelmed, and over commitment because you have trouble saying no and balancing all the things you want to achieve?

You are passionate about promoting greater equality, or global change but because of this you often try to do more and be more working harder and longer, sometimes at the expense of your most important relationships with your spouse and kids?

Are you willing to let go of struggle, confusion, resistance, backlash and overwhelm and step into a way of BEING that allows you to create change in your organization, your community or your family with more ease and fun?


Then it’s time to totally reframe the way you’ve been looking at your purpose and the way you show up in the world.

It’s time to move from a place of DOING to a place of BEING. Move from doing more, working harder, working longer so you can have MORE impact to a place being more connected, more aligned and more trusting and confident in yourself and what you are here to do.

We all have limiting beliefs, patterns and programs that get in the way of us realizing our full potential and even though we are here to create great change, they also get in the way of our mission. These patterns relate to your worth, your value, your voice, your finances and your relationships and they impact on how you show up in the world and on your ability to create even greater change.

Being an impactful leader and a change maker is not about doing more. It’s not about pushing harder, working longer and continuing to push up against resistance, it’s about BEING in a place of total alignment.

The old saying that change starts from within could not be truer for you. But often when trying to achieve great change, you get into a space of constantly looking outside of yourself. 

Looking at the things around you that need changing. You push up against struggle and resistance as you try to change the things around you. You forget you also need to keep looking within – that looking within more, is the key to creating more of the change you want to see around you.

In your effort to change the world, you’ve lost sight of your dream, and.....

You’ve lost sight of yourself....

Who you are
What you want and need

I know what this feels like, because this was me…..AND I know that so many change makers out there are also feeling the same way, because I’ve been talking to a lot of them...

There is a different way....

It’s time to come back to yourself.

It’s time to come back to what is TRUE for you.

It’s time to let yourself not KNOW and experience what you want or need

The experience of stress, overwhelm, anxiety and burnout can stop.

Re-connect to yourself so you can feel like yourself again and so you can REMEMBER...

Who you are and what you want....AND
The BIG CHANGE you ARE here to create....

If you KNOW this is for you, contact me and let’s talk about my AMPLIFY CONNECTION program and re-connecting to YOU again

Learn tools to address anxiety, stress, self-confidence, overwhelm and more. AMPLIFY your CONNECTION and your IMPACT

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