Consulting strategies for social innovation, economic development, and global change

  • Expand possibility through teaching and application of Universal Spiritual Principles to create change
  • Transform systems and the people with in them
  • Teach and apply a new paradigm for solving complex problems
  • Transform complex problems into easily solvable solutions
  • Create great change in people, their businesses, organizations and communities.............
Kamaji Tree Pacific gender review


  • Social Change Strategy and Policy Development and Analysis
  • Equity and Diversity Training
  • Gender equality and Unconscious Bias Training
  • Design and Delivery of Women's Leadership Programs
  • Social Policy and Program Evaluation and Review
  • Gender Lens Investing Strategies & technical advice
  • Social Impact Investing Strategies & technical advice
  • Organizational change strategies
  • Leadership strategies for social and economic innovation 

My consulting work is driven by a passion for people, equality and social justice, and a love of travel, adventure and other cultures. For the last 15 years, I have worked as a gender and social development specialist for governments and donors in Asia and the Pacific region including in Australia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Mongolia, the Philippines, Pakistan, Fiji, Tonga and Papua New Guinea. I have undertaken consultancies for the Australian government, the Asian Development Bank and several private sector organizations, working with high level leaders and communities.

Down to earth, practical initiatives that get results in terms of actually advancing gender issues is Kate’s hallmark…engaging and empowering in her management style.
— Dr Geoff Elvy, former Director, Economic and Public Sector Program, Papua New Guinea

I specialize in the development of policy and programs that improve the lives of women and girls. I also focus on the inclusion of women and girl’s needs into government services including infrastructure, education, health, law and justice and governance and on the development of more inclusive financial markets. I design and implement policies and programs, as well as conduct policy analysis, capacity building, training, and monitoring and evaluation activities. I also deliver equity and diversity training and unconscious bias training.

I am on the United Nations Development Program’s Panel of Experts for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in Public Administration, and on the Australian government's Aid Program’s gender technical panel.

Over the last several years my consultancies have included:

  • Gender Specialist, Pacific Readiness for Investment in Social Enterprise Program - A program to develop a social impact investing market in the Pacific
  • Gender Specialist, Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand - a program to promote the development and sale of Fairtrade products in the Pacific
  • Gender and Social Development Specialist, Australia Awards Papua New Guinea - A program to promote women's leadership and to promote economic and social change in Papua New Guinea
  • Women's Leadership Mentor, Vietnam Australia Awards Program - A program to provide education and leadership opportunities for women in Vietnam
  • Gender Specialist, Kiribati Technical and Vocational Education Program - a program to provide education to students in Kiribati 
  • Gender and Social Inclusion Adviser, Coffey International Development, Asia Pacific - provided leadership, training and technical advice to over 20 projects across Asia and the Pacific including the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Mongolia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Laos and Cambodia. 

My experience working in remote communities and with high level global leaders has taught me that the ability to create great change exists within each and every one of us. I wholeheartedly believes that change begins within - by planting individual seeds. I'm dedicated to helping leaders and change makers be the best version of themselves so that they are in a better position to drive positive change in their businesses, organizations and communities and increase their contribution and impact in the world. 

Contact me to discuss how we can work together to create great change in your business, organization or your community.

Kate is a ‘star performer’ – she is extremely intelligent, highly analytical and very strategic. She has superior communication skills (verbal and written) and is very proactive, always finding opportunities to help ensure that women are able to realize their rights.
— Dr Anne Glover, Former Senior Development Specialist, Coffey International Development