Join me for this two day easy get away retreat in Mesa, AZ. During this time you will be able to escape the busyness of your everyday world, to come into your center, to focus on you and expand your ALIGNMENT, CONNECTION and WORTHINESS in all areas of your life - business, family, relationships, parenting. 

Connect, align, and and embrace who you truly are so you can break through your upper limit and create your change in the world.

Working with your Energetic System to create deep, profound shifts in your experience in and with the world.

This is for you if:

  • You have trouble saying no and often experience obligations, overwhelm, stress and over commitment

  • You are stuck in the constant hustle to feel good about yourself, your career/business and your life……

  • You tell yourself “I’ll be happier when…..I lose 10 pounds, make more money, have more free time or get 10 more clients….”

  • You feel like no matter how hard you work or how much money you have that you never have enough and you can never get ahead financially or your health and vitality continues to be low

  • You simply always try to do more and be more - working harder and longer, sometimes at the expense of your most important relationships with your spouse and kids.

  • You are ready to be more connected, and more aligned so you can bring even more of YOU into this world - in your work, in your community, in your family, with your parenting, relationships, and for yourself 

  • If are moving through another UP LEVEL and are ready to take a look at these patterns that continue to return around your worth, your value, speaking your truth, being seen, and making an impact as YOU

During this time you will be able to escape the busyness of the holiday season and your everyday world, to come into your center, to focus on you and expand your ALIGNMENT, CONNECTION and WORTHINESS in all areas of your life - business, family, relationships, parenting. 

We will move through exercises together where we will work with the deepest layers of the patterns that are held so you can bring your truth and greatness in to the world in a way that is ALIGNED and CONNECTED with the divine truth of who you really are within - we will be working with the energetic layers (and everything is energy).  

You will learn tools to practice for yourself to use anytime you choose so you can receive all the goodness that is available to you - and expand what is possible!

There will be time together in groups of amazing men and women who are here to create their great change in the world - in business, in their communities and schools, in their family. 

  • You will connect with amazing women and men.

  • Clear blocks that are keeping you from being aligned and connected with your divine truth and getting in the way of you feeling 100% worthy of being the greatest version of yourself. 

  • Learn tools and practices that you can easily incorporate into your everyday life that make a big impact! 

  • Experience yourself in a peaceful get-away-setting. 

The Details:

When: Friday, May 4, 6:30pm-9:00pm and Saturday, May 5, 9:00am-4:30pm

Where: Unity of Mesa

2700 E. Southern Avenue
Mesa, Arizona 85204

Cost: $139

* Due to the size of the venue, spaces are limited so register early to save you spot*

Please email me now to reserve your place and then click the Paypal link below for payment

  • You will drive to the Unity of Mesa in Mesa, AZ

  • We will meet from 6:30pm-9:00pm, with a buffet lunch provided. 

  • Please bring a notebook, pen, and a yoga mat, cushion or pillow to sit comfortably on the ground

  • Please dress CASUALLY!  This experience is to be the REAL YOU, so please come as you are! This means maximum comfort, yoga pants, pjs, whatever you choose! 

  • You will receive additional logistics information, including the address, after you register.

Kate Wilson

I create connected, empowered and supported organizations and communities by uplifting, empowering and energizing business owners, leaders and change makers to be more connected and aligned. From this place of connection they can experience more of the fullness of who they truly are and help to transform the world.

I believe in making the world a better place by uplifting and empowering people to be their best and to live fulfilling and meaningful lives. We all have a unique gift and talent that we are here to share with the world but our limiting beliefs, thoughts programs and patterns can hold us back from creating consistent growth and success in our businesses/career, our relationships, our finances and our health and from truly living the life we want to live. I support business owners, leaders and change makers to get more connected and aligned with what they are truly here to do. I help them to break free from anxiety, stress, overwhelm and thoughts of lack and limitation fast so they can lead with confidence and truly feel fulfilled in all aspects of life. 



Kate Wilson is the founder of Kamaji Tree Consulting. Kate has more than 15 years of consulting internationally as a Gender and Social Development Specialist working in partnerships with Governments, international organizations and private sector companies across Asia and the Pacific to create economic and social development and 10 years working as a business and leadership coach. Kate wholeheartedly believes that change begins within - by planting individual seeds. Kate is dedicated to helping people be the best version of themselves so that they are in a better position to make their contribution in the world. Helping others to be more connected and supported so they can realize their full potential and make a bigger and better impact on the world is Kate’s true passion.

She facilitates personal coaching to entrepreneurs and other leaders and change makers around the world so they can be more connected, balanced and integrated and more effective in driving positive change in their business and their communities. Learn more about how she supports leaders and change makers to create their success at www.kamajitree.com