connected living for individuals

Combining Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Counseling, Energy Healing, Gestalt Therapy,  Meditation, Mindfulness practices and more

I believe that the potential to create great change in the world exists in all of us. You have a unique gift and talent that you are here to share with the world and you can create the life you dream of living with much more ease and grace. To create more of what you want to be experiencing, such as more freedom, joy and ease, it's time to start changing the story you've been telling yourself about your life. Let go of anxiety, overwhelm, stress and struggle and find more peace and freedom now through one on one coaching, through a group program or through workshop.

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connected leadership for change

Conscious Business Coaching and Leadership Coaching

Are you a leader or change maker in business, government or in the community? Are you struggling with anxiety, overwhelm or the inability to really live your purpose? You know you are here to create great change in the world but you continue to bump up against struggle, overwhelm and stress in your work and in other areas of your life. Maybe you have trouble saying no. Do you feel like no matter how hard you work, you can't take your work or your life to the next level? Find out the real secret to creating more impact and success in all areas of your life. Lead for change with greater impact and ease.

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Social Policy consulting.png

consulting for social and economic change

Are you a business, organization or community that needs support developing and implementing strategies for social innovation, economic development, and global change? 

  • Social Change Strategy and Policy Development and Analysis
  • Equity and Diversity Training
  • Gender equality and Unconscious Bias Training
  • Design and Delivery of Women's Leadership Programs
  • Social Policy and Program Evaluation and Review
  • Gender Lens Investing Strategies & technical advice
  • Social Impact Investing Strategies & technical advice
  • Organizational change strategies
  • Leadership strategies for social and economic innovation 

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