The ability to create great change lies in each and every one of us......BUT.....

Reviewing an education program funded by the Asian Development Bank focused on increasing the number of girls in school in rural Vietnam

Reviewing an education program funded by the Asian Development Bank focused on increasing the number of girls in school in rural Vietnam

Many people and many leaders make the mistake of thinking that they can create better results in their life, their business or organization by focusing on improving or changing things around them.

If you are like them you start by identifying all the PROBLEMS around you and then search for ways to fix or change them. This usually involves seeking some kind of  external solution to solve all your problems.

In relationships you might try to change the other person, in your business or organization if you are a leader you might be focused on changing systems and processes, or providing more technical training and support. Maybe you are simply trying to do more and be more all the time. Working harder and longer, sometimes at the expense of your most important relationships with your spouses and kids. 

You might even be telling yourself things will be better when......when I make more money, lose 10 pounds, have more clients

This might work for a while but it does not create sustainable long-term change.

I've worked with leaders and change makers all around the world. I've worked with international donor organizations to deliver aid programs all focused on creating social and economic change. I've learned a lot about what it really takes to create long lasting sustainable change.

First of all, ALWAYS focusing on problems and what is wrong, perpetuates problems. Because what you focus on expands. You just create more of what you don't want.

AND the other thing I know to be true from this is that the key to growth and real change comes by looking within.

We all have limiting beliefs, patterns and programs that get in the way of us realizing our full potential and even though you are here to create great change, they also get in the way of your mission. These patterns relate to your worth, your value, your voice, your finances and your relationships and they impact on how you show up in the world.

Being an impactful leader and a change maker or leading a fulfilling meaningful life is not about doing more or changing things around you. It’s not about pushing harder, working longer and continuing to push up against resistance, it’s about BEING in a place of total alignment.

The old saying that change starts from within could not be truer for you. But often when trying to achieve great change, you get into a space of constantly looking outside of yourself. Looking at the things around you that need changing. You push up against struggle and resistance as you try to change the things around you. You forget you also need to keep looking within – that looking within more, is the key to creating more of the change you want to see around you.

  • If you are feeling unfulfilled, stressed, anxious, overwhelmed or lost and want to change your life - CHANGE STARTS WITHIN YOU
  • If you are a business owner wanting to build and grow your business and have greater impact - CHANGE STARTS WITHIN YOU
  • If you are an organizational leader wanting to create positive change in your organization or increase its impact in the world - CHANGE STARTS WITHIN YOU
  • If you are a community leader wanting to create positive change in your community - CHANGE STARTS WITHIN YOU
  • If you are an international development or humanitarian worker wanting to create economic and social change in the world - CHANGE STARTS WITHIN YOU

the way to increase your impact in the world is to make change within you.

So are you ready to clear blocks that are keeping you from being aligned and connected with your truth and getting in the way of you being the greatest version of yourself and creating the change in the world you seek?

Do you want to learn leadership and self-awareness tools and practices that you can easily incorporate into your work and your everyday life that can make a big impact in the way you lead and create change?

Are you ready to let go of the idea that our work has to be hard and make space for it to be easier and have more impact?

Kate is amazing! She takes the time to really listen to you and helps you see your challenges with totally new eyes. One of the things that is so great about her is she incorporates so many different Modalities. So if one approach does not work she has many more up her sleeve. Give your a try she will Rock Your World!!
— Julie, AZ